Swiss Rail Tours Through the Canton of Graubunden

Perhaps the love affair between the Swiss and their trains began one hundred-fifty years ago when one rail line began running between Zurich and Baden. That daily train brought fresh bread from the bakeries of Baden into Zurich homes with the unforgettable aroma of freshly baked bread still warm arriving in just 30 minutes. From this first rail, to the spectacular rail-lines of Albula-Bernina, continues Switzerland’s 22,000 km of public railway transportation, now nation-wide.

High altitude mountain rails can take passengers through every direction of scenic Graubünden, using this engineering masterpiece that includes 195 bridges and 55 tunnels. For any passage needed beyond the extensive railway system, the country’s superb public bus transportation network continues passengers on to complete their destinations, making automobiles unnecessary for the most part.

Rhaetian Railway is listed as a World Heritage Line by UNESCO. It’s original function, meant to attract tourism with comfortable and convenient transport to otherwise hard to reach scenic areas, surpassed it’s goal and became one of the main catalysts of social, cultural and economical growth and prosperity for all of Switzerland.

Photo credit:  Rhaetische Bahn: Keller

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