What is Thalassotherapy?

From the Greek word Thalassa meaning “ocean,” true Thalassotherapy includes incorporating all of the healthy marine elements by way of water exercise, ingestion of salty air, absorbing minerals through the pores, and eating healthily. True Thalassotherapy involves the medical use of seawater from all sensory facets – it is an experience of true and whole wellness.

Entering the mainstream:

French biologist, Rene Quinton suggested that human blood and seawater contained identical nutrient ratios. His introduction contributed to the practice of Thalassotherapy on the coasts of southern France, and the French Riviera’s taste for sea-based therapy. Although many philosophies of this ritual have been tested with loyalty, it is not a scientifically proven practice.

What benefits does Thalassotherapy provide?

Relaxation Improved Circulation Boosted Immunity Improved Sleep Muscle Toning Natural Cleaning Properties Cellulite Reduction Respiratory Improvement Reducing Inflammation Psychological Well Being How does it work?

When trace elements of minerality from magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium are ingested into the lungs, pores, cells and tissues, circulation is improved providing natural moisture and adds revitalized life to the entire body, namely, the skin.

What services include Thalassotherapy?

Mud baths, hydrotherapy, massage and wraps usually include techniques from this ancient ritual.

– Stefanie Payne Senior Editor | CityRoom Inc.

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