The Art of the Wine Label

As the face is to a human, so is the label to a bottle of wine.  It is the identifying marker.  Fortunately, the creativity and passion found in creators of fine wines extend to the artists: the designers of the labels.  Their creations can be enjoyed without taking a sip, and are prized by collectors long after the wine is gone from the bottle.  Although great wine label art is not originally meant to be a stand-alone art, the truly great wine labels enchant the eye, while they tell us the fabulous story about the wine they represent.

CityRoom’s wine blog: offers this page of label art dedicated to the people of wine who put their souls, not only into the bottle, but also onto the bottle itself: The artists and designers of wine labels.

Wine Label by “Vietti” for their wine “Barolo” (1989) “Riserva Villero”

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