Tree of Lives – #MeToo

By. Elizabeth Garden

Raymond Spang, on his knees and in shock, finally had an explanation for his situation. He was a killer. An insane killer. Obviously he was mentally ill. After all, he had a damaged brain and had been committed to an insane asylum before he escaped.

But now he had no physical brain at all. And no damaged limbic system, no over-expressing amygdala, no out of whack chemistry from a funky thyroid gland. All that remained was his observing self. He felt like the same person who had been watching the progression of his life all along, ever since he first realized he was alive. But then it became clouded and abstract by his schizophrenia.

Ray knew he had demolished everyone and everything, including himself. Yet here he was, still existing. That meant his family must be somewhere also. He knew that he needed to make amends. Somehow. If only he could find them. But where? How?

The big difference, as he was about to find out, was that he no longer had any ability to effect anything, anywhere, anymore.

But there was someone who could.

Tree of Lives is a story about the aftermath of a buried, shameful tragedy by following the life of an artist named Ruth. Her challenging experiences lead her to a shocking discovery and ultimate clarity about her abusive family.

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