Veuve Clicquot & Ferrari Lifestyle Partnership

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Veuve Cliquot Reims France Logo (PRNewsFoto/Veuve Clicquot)

Ferrari Lifestyle Partner (PRNewsFoto/Veuve Clicquot)

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin is announced as the first “lifestyle partner” of Ferrari at the Geneva International Motor Show. The world renowned champagne House and prestige automobile company have renewed their partnership under this new status; a first in Maranello history. After a successful three years of celebrating both brands’ legendary heritage in innovation and lifestyle, the new engagement will strengthen their communication and event activation platforms around the world. Veuve Clicquot will continue to support Ferrari in its international lifestyle events and will accompany Ferrari in its celebrations during their lifestyle events, Formula 1 races and new car launches.

Hôtel du Marc – Veuve Clicquot private mansion in Reims, France. (PRNewsFoto/Veuve Clicquot)

“Veuve Clicquot is proud to continue our relationship with Ferrari now as the first lifestyle partner. We are looking forward to celebrating our mutual excellence in innovation and ‘Art de Vivre’ through events across the globe” – Jean-Marc Gallot, President & CEO Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin. The new agreement will continue for the next three years, until the end of 2018.

Veuve Clicquot & Ferrari at 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. (PRNewsFoto/Veuve Clicquot)

2016 Geneva International Motor Show. (PRNewsFoto/Veuve Clicquot)

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